BBV versus Sonso Radio Tunein

BBC Radio not on Sonos or TuneIn

In the continuing fight for BBC to gather as much information about you as is humanly (or mechanically) possible, BBC radio stations are no longer available on Sonos Radio or TuneIn.


However you can still listen to live BBC radio by signing up to the BBC Sounds services in the Sonos app but you’ll have to have an account and sign in to use.

Per BBC Support team

Thank you for contacting BBC Sounds regarding support for Sonos.

We just wanted to get back in touch to let you know that BBC Sounds is now available on Sonos, meaning that whether you’re using iOS or Android, you’ll be able to listen directly on your Sonos device, and make the most of what BBC Sounds has to offer.

For more information, have a look at our FAQ:

We know it’s been a long wait, so we want to thank you for your feedback, and most of all, for your patience whilst we completed the work on this.

Hopefully this comes as good news and you can enjoy the BBC Sounds experience on Sonos.

Kind Regards

BBC iPlayer & BBC Sounds Support Team


All the regular stations are there but you’ll need to delete you’re old BBC favourites and re-favorite them via the new Sounds services.


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