BT Poised to Launch Gigabit Home Broadband Service

BT will roll out a new gigabit service across the UK later this month. The FullFibre plan is designed to offer consumers average speeds up to 25 times faster than Superfast fibre. The service will support multiple high-speed device connections, enabling users to make the most of new high-bandwidth products and services, including 8k video, online gaming and IoT devices.

BT Full Fibre will also offer ultrafast upload speeds, ideal for online gaming, smart security camera monitoring, home working and video calling. The new gigabit service will be available in ‘hundreds of cities, towns and villages across the UK’, including Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, London and Manchester.

In total, more than two million households will have access. The telecoms giant says it will offer the biggest Full Fibre network reach of any provider in the UK. The longer term goal is to reach around half of homes in the UK, by the end of 2025. Full details on this Full Fibre broadband proposition, including pricing and availability for new and existing customers, will be made in the coming weeks.

Source: Inside CI