CCTV and Door Entry

CCTV and Door entry along with Intercoms, CCTV surveillance, intruder alarms, gate and door access can all work as individual systems, but by combining these with the intelligence of a smart home system, a higher standard of home security and monitoring is achievable.

CCTV and Door Entry

We can trigger notifications, whole-home scenes and more, in providing a 24/7 service that offers the utmost protection.

You can communicate with your visitors from the gates and front door from anywhere in your home. Speak with two way audio and 1 way video to see who is at your door and then have the door or gates open from the same interface at the touch of a button.

Our intercom also comes with a handy mobile phone app so you can now have a two-way conversation with your gates direct from your phone, which works anywhere with an internet connection.

View all your cameras on your television or on your mobile, tablet from anywhere in the world. We can give you a complete overview of your home security.

View cameras, view sensors and see what doors are open all within one interface, you can then react, closing automatic gates and doors to triggering lighting scenes and Mockupancy features.

Using our intelligent range of cameras we can base lighting scenes, alarm sounds and more based upon triggers.

Integrating your security system with your home automation system gives you another level of prevention. When sensors are triggered your home automation system can trigger televisions, audio and lights.

Automatic gates, doors and skylights can all be controlled and integrated with security systems to provide you with a 360º security view of your home from your touchscreen device.

CCTV and Door Entry
CCTV and Door Entry

With our CCTV and Door Entry systems we give you even more control from your devices, allowing your to create access codes on the fly direct you’re your Control4 app. This allows you to quickly fire up an access code for your Gardener, Nanny or maintenance engineers that will need access. Codes are tracked and can be set to only operate on a certain time and date.

There all all sorts of sensors for your property that manage individual zones, but combined with the intelligence of a smart home system can trigger whole home scenes. Pressure Sensors, Water Sensors, Motion Sensors, Lighting Sensors and Contact Sensors can be used to determine intruder/leaks/fire and then trigger audio, televisions, lighting and alarms for maximum effectiveness.