Control4 Circadian Lighting

Control4 Circadian Lighting

Smart home technology integration specialist Janus Technology have unveiled its Color Wheel for Control4 and Circadian Lighting drivers, and throw a spotlight on services it offers to technology installers when it comes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control.

Color Wheel for Control4 Circadian Lighting is an intuitive web interface for integrators to easily adjust and regulate multiple lighting channels from different controllers, including Control4 RGB, RGBW and Tuneable White (WW) Lighting drivers.

Running as a service on any Control4 T3 or T4 touchscreen supporting webview, Color Wheel for Control4 makes lighting set up configuration super-fast and simple. It can auto-detect all compatible lights to build an attractive interface, which can support up to 8 scenes per room with on-screen visual scene colour indication.

Also unveiled are Circadian Lighting driver suite, which allows integrators to program human-centric lighting for any tuneable white dimmers. Each circadian lighting controller can configure a schedule for a subset of lights to enable the creation of multiple, entirely different schedules on any one project. In this way, integrators can synchronise the colour temperature of lamps to a specific location and/or available daylight levels or even program the sleep schedule to give warmer colours at bedtime and cooler ones during the day.

Source: Inside CI

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