Control4 launches advanced Intercom Anywhere app, finally!

Control4 homeowners can now talk with anyone at their front door, through the brand’s new Intercom Anywhere app. Available for iOS and Android, users will be able to receive video intercom calls from a Control4 Door Station, as well as simultaneously activating a home scene, or unlocking the door or garage in response.

Video previews from the Control4 Door Station, such as caller-id, allows users to ignore unwanted calls, answer calls from an expected visitor, or accept a delivery. Homeowners can can request alerts if required, sound an alarm, lock doors, or turning on all interior and exterior lighting for additional.

Of course, many video doorbell products allow the users to monitor activity via their smartphone. However, Control4 Intercom Anywhere also supports additional customizable programming. Control4 Intercom Anywhere also allows family members to make calls from Control4 Touch Screens within the home, to a family member’s mobile phone.

The Intercom Anywhere app can be downloaded from the Apple store or the Google Play store. To activate and use Intercom Anywhere, a home must have Control4 installed, running the latest Control4 OS (v 2.10.3), and also have an active 4Sight subscription.