Control4 Halo remotes

Control4 Halo Remote Controls

Control4 has announced Halo, a next generation remote control range. The two new models sport backlit buttons, a new graphical interface, dual-band Wi-Fi support, and a push-to-talk voice button.

The new remotes were unveiled at CEDIA 2022.

“Remote controls are one of the key interfaces customers use to control and interact with their system, and that experience influences their perception of the system as a whole. Therefore, we’re focused on improving performance and ease-of-use, connectivity, and reliability, while also adding features and capabilities that will exceed expectations and ensure a positive, enjoyable control experience,” said Eric Fritz, Snap One Director of Product Management – Control.

Snap One says the new design follows feedback from Snap One Partners.

Features include voice integration with streaming services such as Apple TV and Xfinity and boast improved lighting control including colour customization. Other enhancements include programmable text above custom buttons, and an ultra-low power processor that enhances battery life.

The Halo model features a slightly smaller 2.8-inch screen, navigable with hard buttons and provides full access to connected subsystems. The Halo Touch model features a premium brushed-aluminium chassis and an intuitive 3.2-inch customizable touchscreen.

Upgraded dual-band WiFi antennas support 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks to improve reliability said to be three to five times stronger connections than Neeo Remotes.

When users press the new Voice button on the Halo or Halo Touch remote, Control4 captures the user’s command with the embedded microphone and dynamically routes it to the proper voice service via proprietary new technology. Voice integrations available today include Xfinity and AppleTV through Siri, with services like on the horizon.

Control4 Halo Remotes provide integrators with upsell opportunities and can even be installed and added to systems by homeowners using an easy new procedure in the Control4 app.

Partners can choose to sell and ship the Halo and Halo Touch without requiring site visits depending on their needs and their client relationships. In systems that include OvrC remote management, integrators can also view real-time battery life and connectivity data for all Halo remotes.

The Halo will be available in black, and the Halo Touch will be available in black or silver.

Source: InsideCI

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