Families love cinematic experiences

Families love cinematic experiences

According to a new study by Epson, UK families are spending less time together than ever but nearly two-thirds of parents love cinematic viewing experiences and think it could help bring families closer together.

More than half (55 per cent) of parents agree that separate screen time on devices often interferes with family time.

With 82 per cent of parents revealing that they spend most of their family leisure time watching films or TV with their kids at home, could a cinematic experience be the answer for reuniting fractured families across the UK?

Research suggests 34 per cent of UK parents are put off buying a home cinema projector rather than a TV set because of cost. However, one novel metric devised by Epson, which custom installers might like to borrow as part of their sales pitch, has an answer, equating price to screen inches.

According to Epson, an average 55-inch TV priced at £499 has cost the buyer £8.47 per inch. Yet a projector that can scale to 300-inches, also costing £499, offers better value at £1.66 per inch. A 300-inch image from an HD projector is a bit of a stretch to be honest, but we appreciate the thought. Alice Ramsden de Gómez, product manager for consumer products at Epson UK, says: “Family members of all ages now regularly isolate themselves with separate screens. And with nearly three-quarters of UK parents agreeing that the living/family room is integral to time spent together as a family, it is clear that screens are essential to the home – which is where projectors can add real value. That’s because size matters when it comes to creating an enhanced family viewing experience.” Nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) of parents believe that a cinematic viewing experience, whether it’s watching films or TV, could help bring families closer together. A massive 74 per cent of parents believe that their living room is central to the time spent together as a family.

“This new information helps to validate the question as to whether you should choose a TV or a projector for your home. When looking at size, large TVs prove to be very expensive – the largest models on the market are sold for thousands of pounds – whilst projectors offer a much more cost-effective solution. They also provide up to eleven years’ of entertainment, whereas LED TVs only last an average of seven.”

Families love cinematic experiences

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