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Ideas for mounting TV’s: February 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the Ideas for mounting TV’s: February 2015 newsletter from the Electric Playground, the home technology specialists.

This month we wanted to give you a few ideas on ways to mount televisions. The classic position of up high above a fireplace so frustrates us. Apart from the bad viewing angles (and neck ache!) it shows to us customers don’t really know what other options there are. So below we’ve 12 suggestions on how to mount televisions.

1. Tilting

Ideas for mounting TV's

If you really must mount the television up high why not install a bracket that tilts the television downwards so as to improve your viewing angle.

2. Advance and Drop
Ideas for mounting TV's

Alternatively why not instal a bracket that drops the television down to a comfortable viewing height. When finished it pops right back up.

3. Rising Up
Ideas for mounting TV's

We can supply brackets that pop a television up out of the floor.

4. Falling down
Ideas for mounting TV's

Or down from within the ceiling.

5. Flipping down
Ideas for mounting TV's

We can even get brackets that flip the television down from a ceiling recess.

6. Sliding out of Sight
Ideas for mounting TV's

We’ve a supplier that can fix a bracket to a piece of art or false wall so that it will slide to one slide when you want to watch television.

7. Swivel
Ideas for mounting TV's

From flat on the wall to any angle, why limit your choice.

8. Under the bed
Ideas for mounting TV's

This television is stored under the bed, and on command slides out and positions itself at your feet.

9. Closet space
Ideas for mounting TV's

Instead of having the television raise or lower from a hiding spot what about one that slides it out from a closet or a pocket in the wall.

10. Behind a picture
TV behind picture

What about hiding it behind a picture frame. When you want to watch the television the picture simply rolls up like a blind to reveal the screen.

11. Cabinet Lift
TV rising out of cabinet

What about one that rises up from within a cabinet

12. Furniture Lift
Blanket box TV mount

or lastly, what about hiding it in a blanket box.

Can we help?

I hope you found some of this useful.

Lastly if we can be of any help or you would just like to have a chat about any of the above please feel free to call on 07971255567 or email
Ideas for mounting TV’s: February 2015 Newsletter
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