Helpful Videos for Control4

Helpful Videos for Control4 interfaces

Found this AV installation company in the US that have made some really good helpful videos on how to use Control4 user interface.

Here’s one for the old operating system, Control4 OS2

Here’s one for the new operating system, Control4 OS3.

Control4 OS 3 has amazing features, a fresh interface, and more than a thousand enhancements. Our “How Do I” videos will show you how to get the most out of your Control4 System. Learn how to personalize your Smart Home with favorite rooms, devices, and scenes and organize them to your liking. From sharing media, customizing wallpaper room backgrounds, and favoriting devices and media for easy access, there is a video to show you how to easily navigate and control your smart home effortlessly.

Learn the basics of the Control4 user interface: how to navigate, switch rooms, and control your integrated devices. Then see how to personalize your system by adding favorites and by favoriting rooms.

Learn how to stream music from your favorite service or find your favorite radio station. Then see how to easy share media throughout the house, and how OS 3 simplifies whole-home audio controls. Learn how to add additional music streaming services, or how to use your Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, satellite box or cable box with your Control4 System.

Learn how to control your lights and ceiling fans, setting them to the levels you want, and filtering them to easily find the lights that got left on. Then we will show you how lighting scenes can simplify whole-home control to easily set the mood, welcome you home, or turn off at bedtime.
Learn how to control your garage doors and door lock, and how see the state of your motion sensors and water leak sensors. Then we will show you how to arm and disarm your security system, and how to view and control your IP cameras.
Learn how to control your thermostats, setting them to the temperatures and modes you want, and how your shades and blinds are easily integrated. Then we will show you how to use Wake as an alarm to get you up in the morning, and how to use Sleep as a goodnight timer to fall asleep to a movie or music.
Helpful Videos for Control4 interfaces

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