January 2015 Newsletter: CES 2015 Review

Welcome to the January 2015 newsletter from the Electric Playground, the home technology specialists.

This month we wanted to let you know our top 5 favourite new technologies from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held last week in Las Vegas. We didn’t go (maybe next year!) but here’s a quick guide.

1. “Quantum Dot” TV’s

In short due to a change in the way the pixels are backlit Quantum Dot TV’s will mean an improvement in picture quality with darker blacks and more vibrant non-blue colours. For a detailed explanation see this article.

Hopefully once they’re released and drop in price abit they’ll bridge the gap between LED TV’s and the more expensive Plasma/OLED ones.

With LG showing off their first quantum dot TV at CES 2015, we think you’re going to be hearing a lot more about them soon.

2. Apple Homekit

According to Apple the Apple HomeKit will enable iOS users to control a variety of smart things from multiple makers, such as door entry and alarms systems, thermostats or lights. Although Apple don’t show at CES a lot of new products were HomeKit enabled.

According to Apple “the HomeKit introduces a new way for you to control supported devices in your home using Siri. That means you could use your voice to turn on lights or adjust the thermostat”.

Watch out for a future newsletter on the Nest Learning Thermostat. We going on a course in a few weeks.

3. 8K TV (yes you read that 8K not 4K)

Even before any 4K content is released to go on your shiny new 4K TV it’s being replaced by 8K. Where your current HD TV has 1920 x1080 pixels, this has a whooping 7680 x 4320.

LG, Samsung and Panasonic all showed off their new 8K TV’s.

Don’t worry yet about replacing your TV, there’s not only no 8K content yet but there’s only a few cameras in the world that can record in 8K.

4. New Sony ZX2 Walkman

Sony Walkman.jpg

If you owned a Walkman back in the early 80’s (I did) here’s a chance to own one again.

For £949 you can own a ZX2 High-Resolution Walkman. It plays Hi-Res Audio files that retains far more detail during the analogue-to-digital conversion process, for a more authentic, studio-quality sound.

Available in February. Don’t forget to get some quality headphones as well!

PS As a big Neil Young fan check out his Pono player. Same kind of thing but half the price and lots more Neil Young content!

5. Technology for the Car

The days of fumbling for CD cases and 3.5mm cables in the car are almost over.

Volkswagen are bringing Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to its new cars in 2015.

Both systems should enable your smartphone to provide easy access to calls, maps, music and other features you’re most likely to need on the road.

Other platforms like those of Sony, LG, HTC and Samsung should be supported by an open connection called MirriorLink.

Can we Help?

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