LG Stanbyme Briefcase TV – Why!

The latest lifestyle TVs from LG, the StanbyME and briefcase-style StanbyME Go, will both hit UK retail outlets November 29, priced at £1,199.

The LG StanbyME Go (aka 27LX5) features a 27-inch touch display and has a 20W four-channel speaker system built into its carrying case. The unique display made its European debut at this year’s IFA Expo.

The StanbyME Go can be used indoors or out, and offers up to 3 hours of use without connection to an external power supply.

The StanbyME Go has a number of uses. It can be rotated 90 degrees from landscape to portrait and back, and adjusted up to 18 centimetres. Alternatively, it can be used in Table Mode, where the screen lies flat in the lower part of the case (apparently ideal for perfecting your golf swing).

Just as with LG’s regular screens, the StanbyME Go comes with the webOS smart TV platform. The small 1080p screen is also Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos enabled. Picture processing is via Alpha 7 AI silicon.

Also priced at £1,199, the 27-inch StanbyME sits on a wheeled stand for mobility. Like its stablemate, a three hour battery life enables it to be used away from a power supply.

HDR support comes via HDR10 and HLG. The perambulating panel runs LG’s mid-range Alpha 7 Gen 4 AI processor and has a 2 x 10W sound system. There’s a single HDMI input, for local source hook-ups.

Source: Inside CI