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Home Security Enhancements: May 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the May 2015 newsletter from the Electric Playground, the home technology specialist.

This month we wanted to give you a few ideas of how to enhance your home security system.

Security systems are usually limited to just movement sensors and alarms, but with just a little planning and know how it’s possible to make it a whole lot better.

Surveillance Cameras

IP cameras have the ability to be viewed (and sometimes controlled) from any device with a web browser, such as your phone, iPad or computer. We particularly like the ability to view and speak with someone at your front door when you’re on holiday thousands of miles away.

Digital Video Recorders

We consider these to be an essential element of any home security system. You can set up these DVR’s to record action continuously or when it detects motion. If it has a built in web server, you can even view the recordings remotely.

Smart Light Switches

Linking your lighting system to the security systems should be one of the first things any home technologist does. Enhancement options range from simply flashing the lights when an intruder is detected to intelligent systems that learn your daily lighting routine so that when you go on holiday it can make it look as if you’re still at home. If linked to a fire or smoke alarm it can illuminated exit routes from bedrooms to front doors making escape quicker.

Lutron shades.jpg

Motorised Blinds/Curtains

Apart from the obvious open and closing ability these can be connected to the securuty system to close in the evening and reopen in the morning. This can be done at random times around local sunset and sunrise. Holiday modes, as with the lighting above, is also an option.

Smart Thermostats

Security systems can be linked to your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system so that when you leave the property the heating is lowered or turned off. Other options include linking it to your fire and smoke alarm so that when the alarm is raised it switches off to prevent the system spreading smoke throughout the house. Again holiday modes can be useful to prevent frozen pipes, etc.

door locks.png

Electronics Door Locks

Not just for people who are always loosing their keys. They’re also great for security. You can control all or just one of the locks in the house via a touch screen or tablet in your home, or even on your phone whilst away from the house. Your whole house can be made secure at a simple touch of a button.

You can even set up email/text alerts for when someone enters the house, e.g. when the kids get home from school. You can set up temporary codes for guests or for deliveries. You can also use the locks on interior doors, protecting sensitive areas like home offices, tool sheds, etc.

Driveway/Gate Sensors

Get notifications of when someone has passed through a gate or driveway. Link this to an security camera and you can see whose approaching before they get close to the door. Water Sensors Get notifications of water leaks before too much damage is done. Use along side temperature and humidity sensors for a full atmospheric alarm system.

Baby monitor.jpg

Phone/Intercom Touchscreens

Simple communication devices spread throughout the house will allow you to speak to anyone in the house with out the need for shouting through walls and ceilings. They could also be used as a simple baby monitor.

Can we help?

I hope this has given you a few ideas on how to enhance your home security system. 

Lastly if we can be of any help or you would just like to have a chat about any of the above please feel free to call on 07971255567 or email sales@theelectricplayground.co.uk.


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