Media Room Designers and Installers

A media room is a clever solution that allows you an immersive home cinema experience without compromising on the everyday functionality of your living space. It has everything you would expect to find within a typical family living area, but at the push of a button can be transformed into a home cinema room.

Media Room

Unlike a home cinema, which is specifically designed to create the full commercial cinema experience, media rooms are fitted with discreet speakers and a television for every day watching. They remain a multi-functional living space that you can use for regular activities like playing with the kids, hosting friends and relaxing with a coffee and a good book.

Then, when you want to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster or have an immersive gaming experience, you can simply press a button and your hidden home cinema comes to the fore. Whether you want a drop down projector screen, automated lighting, window shading, or the full works, your viewing experience can be tailored to your requirements.

As experienced designers, we can fit all kinds of hidden technology that only reveals itself when you need it. So if you’re simply having a friend over for coffee or hosting your book group meeting, your décor won’t be dominated by screens and speakers. No-one need even know they’re there.

We’ll help you to decide whether a projector screen or TV is best for your media room, and ensure it’s hidden accordingly.

Projector screens can drop down from the ceiling at the touch of a button and roll back up again when you’ve finished with them, meaning they stay discreetly tucked away when you’re using the room for other purposes.

If a TV is better for your needs and setup, you can have it installed inside a wall or in cabinetry. We can make a bespoke wall for your screen, either with moving panels that slide away to reveal your TV, or with a retracting mechanism that retreats into the wall and exposes the screen, which sits flush with the surrounding panels.

You can also have invisible speakers set up around the room to provide you with state-of-the-art surround sound, without disturbing the visual aesthetics of your space. Speakers can be hidden within walls, in the ceiling, or behind artwork, enabling you to maintain a seamless room design while enjoying high quality audio every time you watch a film or play a video game.

Media Room
Media Room

A home cinema experience isn’t complete without atmospheric lighting. Simply push a button to dim the lights and close your window shading for an immersive movie or gaming experience, and when you’re done you can raise the blinds and brighten the lights according to your preferences.

Fit your media room with a Control4 system and you can control multiple devices with a single remote or interface. Your TV can be revealed, your lights dimmed, and your window shades closed, all at the touch of a single button.

Media rooms are a practical and cost-effective alternative to installing a full-blown home cinema. If you haven’t got the space to dedicate to a cinema, you can still enjoy the benefits of an immersive viewing experience whenever you like.

In addition, you can keep your chosen space largely as you’ve designed it, with your existing sofas, flooring and artwork, so that it can still be used for all the everyday activities you enjoy, whether that’s play dates with the kids, entertaining friends, or having a family board game night.

As media room designers and installers we pride ourselves on our after care service, we’re just a call away.