Modular Cinema seating

The new Palladio Firenze range of black leather cinema seats adopts a new modular approach to high-end seating options, making it easier for us to offer a bespoke solution for home theatres.

The Firenze line “upgrades the quality and choice offered by its Palladio Napoli predecessor, providing all the permutations necessary to complete the ideal seating arrangement for any room.”

There are four new models in the range: a single seat, left arm and right arm singles and an angled wedge divider. The left and right arm models can be combined to create a ‘love seat’ or used as a curved twin seat with the angled wedge placed in between. The electric recliners use a low-noise worm-drive motor, designed to generate greater torque. A a two-stage mechanism activates the footrest extension before the back begins to lower.

Attention to detail is high. Precision stitching is used around the steel inlaid recline controls and beverage holders, while the cushion design has been upgraded from an inter-connected open-coil spring type to a pocket-sprung system. Mounted on a solid-wood frame, hundreds of individual springs housed in dedicated fabric pockets react only to direct weight. The end result is better support to different body contours.