Multi Room Audio Systems

As multi room audio installers we can design and install systems which will allow you to play different music in every room of the home or the same throughout, or a bit of both . . . what ever you want!

Multi room audio

There was a time when multi room audio systems were very much considered to be the domain of the seasoned audiophile, but the soundscape has changed, and for the better.

The ubiquitous hi-fi systems were (and still are) quite impressive arrays of amplifiers, tuners, media players and turntables with, at times imposing speakers standing tall. But, for many of us, the way we listen to music has driven the change in home audio we are familiar with today.

Streaming music from the likes of Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music and iTunes has delivered a sea-change shift away from physical formats like CDs and vinyl.

Our lives are busy, yet we still want our favourite music to accompany us; wherever we go in our home, music forms the soundtrack of our lives and it helps introduce another layer of life to our homes.

Hi-fi systems were also synonymous with a myriad of controls and cables and compromises over where it all could and should fit into your home.

Increasingly, the multi room audio systems are designed to be as invisible as possible with ceiling recessed speakers, ones fixed behind cinema screens or even completely embedded into walls and plastered over, without any compromise on sound quality.

Even when speakers are in plain sight, they are discreet and unobtrusive, designed to deliver flawless sound without impacting on your style.

Sonos for example have revolutionised multi room audio with their range of speakers and amps and even cinema setups.

Multi room audio Sonos
Multi room audio

Right here, right now, we can’t say which audio system is right for your home because, first, we need to understand how you want to control and select your audio, how you want to use the spaces in your home and design a system that brings everything harmoniously together.

We can also tell you that we can integrate your audio system to work the way you want it to work – controlled by your iPhone, iPad or Android device, using Control4 as part of your whole house automation, or even voice control.

Like the design of your home and the décor within, your choice of integrated audio system is unique to you and we’ll design and install a solution that suits your own taste and budget.

Our multi room audio designers and installers are here to help.