Multi Room TV Systems

As multi room TV installers we can design and install video distribution systems which will allow you to watch different sources in every room of the home or the same throughout, or a bit of both . . . what ever you want!

Multi-room TV installations

Multi-room TV allows you to watch your favourite shows in different rooms throughout the house, all on the same TV subscription.

So you can watch the morning news while you’re still in bed, keep the kids entertained in their bedroom, or watch a blockbuster in the living room all at the same time.

By implementing video distribution, homeowners can achieve a clean, clutter-free appearance by minimising cable clutter and eliminating the need for multiple media cabinets to accommodate multiple televisions throughout the house.

Video distribution involves the integration of TVs, video sources (such as TV and Satellite receivers, streaming devices, and media servers), and a central video switch. The video switch enables users to route selected video sources to specific TVs, allowing for personalised viewing experiences in different areas of the house.

There are a few methods to achieve true multi-room video distribution: HDMI Splitting, HDMI Modulating, using a HDMI Matrix or lastly the latest technology HDMI over IP.

Which method to use will depend entirely on the cabling infrastructure in place (or the ability to install it), the number of TV’ and sources and lastly the budget.

Our multi room TV installers can help design your system to suit your requirements.

Multi room TV installation
Sky Virgin BT multi room

Virgin Media, Sky and BT all offer multi-room TV in one form or another.

Virgin Multi Room

You can get up to two Virgin TV 360 Mini boxes with Virgin Media multi-room. These allow you to watch all the channels you have as part of your Virgin TV subscription, as well as on demand shows and apps. They are even 4K and HDR ready so you can enjoy Full HD picture quality (subject to having a 4K TV of course).

Sky Multi Room

With Sky now offering three different ways of watching TV, the multiroom option you need will depend on the technology you have chosen: Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream.

BT Multi-room

BT has recently upgraded its TV boxes and now offers the BT TV Box Pro as its main box, and the BT TV Box Pro Mini for customers that want to watch their BT TV subscription on a second TV. Both the main box and the mini version connect to your BT broadband via wifi so there is no need for cabling or even an aerial.

If you tend to watch a lot of subscription TV streaming services, such as Netflix, NOW TV and Amazon Prime Video, rather than live channels on Freeview, then you probably don’t need to sign up to a multiscreen service at all. All these apps can be watched on almost any screen, from a large TV to a smartphone.

However, if you specifically want to watch them on a TV screen in more than one room, then the easy answer is to turn your second TV into a smart TV by investing in some streaming tech such as the Roku or the Amazon Fire Stick. Simply plug it in and watch your favourite shows. If you already have a smart TV, then you’re sorted. You just need to open the relevant app and log in.


Streaming services

Our multi room audio designers and installers are here to help.