New LG Wireless TV

New LG Wireless TV with 4K OLED with Zero Connect Technology

LG is expanding its Signature line of high-end displays with a new wireless TV, with the world’s first wireless OLED screen. The new LG Signature OLED M3 uses Zero Connect technology to deliver sound and vision, up to 4k 120Hz, via proprietary RF.

The Zero Connect box is both the transmitter, and an interface for connected devices, with three HDMI inputs. The only lead from the M3 screen is for power.

The Zero Connect box can be placed anywhere in the room (an onscreen graphic relates signal strength during setup). LG recommends that it’s placed no further than 10m from the screen.

Testing had an opportunity to audition the M3 before the show opened, and can report no obvious compromise in terms of sound or vision quality. Pictures, sourced from a Blu-ray player and USB connected to the Zero Connect box were crystal clear.

With the new LG wireless TV latency is not an issue for gamers, LG tells us, as the transmission speed is three times faster than Wifi 6.

To ensure a seamless transfer of data from the box to the TV, LG has developed an algorithm that instantly identifies the optimal transmission path and helps to minimize transmission errors so that it’s not disturbed by people or pets moving around the room.

The Zero Connect box is also voice recognition-enabled.

Using a One Wall design, the panel and integrated bracket can sit flush against a wall with no visible gap.

LG demoed a 97-inch M3 at its unveiling, but the screen will also be available in 77- and 83-inch screen sizes. No information on price or availability has been given.

Source: InsideCI

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