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Panasonic TV new range
Things we like: Panasonic new range of TV’s

As one of our goto brands we’re excited to read about Panasonic new range of TV’s from Inside CI. Panasonic has unveiled its 2024 TV range line-up at a TV Experience event in Dusseldorf, introducing a trio of new OLED models, powered by Fire TV, an upgraded Mini LED offering and the option of a low cost LED telly running the newly reinvented Tivo smart OS. The new OLED models join the flagship Z95A and

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New Sony TV range
Things we like: Sony new range of TV’s

As big fans of Sony TV’s we’re excited to read about their new range from Inside CI. Sony unveiled a new generation of BRAVIA-branded 4k TVs, amidst the glitz and glamour of Sony Pictures Studio lot in Culver City. The three models, BRAVIA9, BRAVIA 8, and BRAVIA 7, a mix of Mini LED and OLED, introduce new image enhancing picture technologies as well as the first ever Prime Video Calibrated viewing mode. Leading the pack

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CCTV Paintball
CCTV Paintball Firing Camera (not Aprils Fool!)

Slovenian startup OZ-IT is making an aggressive play for the home security space with PaintCam Eve, a CCTV paintball firing camera that promises to stop intruders in their tracks. A Kickstarter campaign begins on April 23, 2024, with fearful property owners expected to pledge funding in return for a camera that uses face recognition technology to separate friendly targets from those with malicious intent, peppering the latter with paintballs or even tear gas. PaintCam has

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LG Briefcase TV
LG Stanbyme Briefcase TV – Why!

The latest lifestyle TVs from LG, the StanbyME and briefcase style StanbyME Go, will both hit UK retail outlets November 29, priced at £1,199, essentially a briefcase TV The LG StanbyME Go (aka 27LX5) features a 27-inch touch display and has a 20W four-channel speaker system built into its carrying case. The unique display made its European debut at this year’s IFA Expo. The LG StanbyME Briefcase TV can be used indoors or out, and

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DIY your Smart Home
13 Reasons not to DIY your Smart Home

If you’re handy and enthusiastic about tech, you’ve probably considered DIY you smart home by adding devices to your home ecosystem to make your life easier, safer, or more convenient. However, there’s a huge difference between buying a bunch of retail smart gadgets versus using a professionally installed, fully integrated smart home system like Control4. Keep reading below for some things you should consider before trying to DIY a smart-ish house with readily available commercial

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Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus Speakers
Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 30th Anniversary

Bowers & Wilkins iconic Nautilus loudspeaker is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a unique pair produced in an Abalone Pearl finish. The iconic design warrants the treatment, not just because it’s the traditional jewel to celebrate 30 years of marriage, but also the colour of the internal shell of the marine mollusc that inspired the Nautilus name. The Nautilus remains one of the most recognisable loudspeaker designs in the world, originally conceived by company founder

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New Denon AV Amps
New Denon AV Amps

Denon aims to redefine the high end of the integrated AV amplifier market with the launch of the new top of the line AVC-A1H and AVC-X4800H. amps. Engineered and constructed at Denon facilities in Japan, the reference grade AVC-A1H (pictured above) is the latest in a line of venerable A1 products, following on from the AVP-A1 (in 1996) or the AVC-A1HD (launched in 2007). The Denon AVC-A1H sports a huge 11.5kg power transformer and dual

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New LG Wireless TV
New LG Wireless TV with 4K OLED with Zero Connect Technology

LG is expanding its Signature line of high-end displays with a new wireless TV, with the world’s first wireless OLED screen. The new LG Signature OLED M3 uses Zero Connect technology to deliver sound and vision, up to 4k 120Hz, via proprietary RF. The Zero Connect box is both the transmitter, and an interface for connected devices, with three HDMI inputs. The only lead from the M3 screen is for power. The Zero Connect box

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Sky firmware boost
Sky firmware boost for Glass and Stream

Sky Glass and the new Sky Stream puck have enjoyed a major firmware upgrade that has brought a number of big usability upgrades to boost the Sky Entertainment OS. These include changes to the Playlist and Bluetooth connectivity, although the expected improvement to Sky Glass picture quality is not part of the drop. The Playlist function, which replaces local recording on both devices, has moved further up the homepage, to improve access to movies and

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matter interoperability
Is Matter interoperability a possibility – Why Matter matters

There’s a new standard coming to shake up the smart home device interoperability world, Matter Matter is something I’m sure you’re starting to hear more about at trade events, conferences, and through conversations with industry colleagues, but what is it and why should you care? Formed in 2019, companies including Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung joined the Zigbee Alliance – now known as the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) – to create the ‘Connected Home over

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Control4 Vibrant Linear lighting
Control4 Vibrant Linear lighting line

Control4 has introduced a new Vibrant Linear Lighting line that enables integrators to create personalised lighting experiences. The new range made its debut on the Snap One booth at CEDIA 2022. With Control4 Vibrant Linear Lighting, installers can design scenes that can be activated with a voice command, manually, or through automation. The line supports circadian health, a growing wellness concern that mimics nature with bright, cool light during the day that slowly dims and

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Control4 Halo remotes
Control4 Halo Remote Controls

Control4 has announced Halo, a next generation remote control range. The two new models sport backlit buttons, a new graphical interface, dual-band Wi-Fi support, and a push-to-talk voice button. The new remotes were unveiled at CEDIA 2022. “Remote controls are one of the key interfaces customers use to control and interact with their system, and that experience influences their perception of the system as a whole. Therefore, we’re focused on improving performance and ease-of-use, connectivity,

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Sky Stream TV Box
Sky Stream TV Box launches in October with rolling pay plan

Sky Stream, the IP-delivered premium pay TV channel service from Sky, will be available in the UK from October 18. Using the same platform as Sky Glass, the compact 4k HDR media streamer can be used with any TV, and connects over Wi-Fi with no dish required. Sky Stream is to be offered with the choice of a £29 31-day rolling plan that can be cancelled at any time, or with an 18-month contract. The

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Smart Home Technology
Smart Home Technology article worth a read

Smart home technology has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, and more and more self builders and renovators are finding ways of incorporating this tech into their everyday lives and new home’s infrastructure. A decade ago, you might have dismissed the concept of a smart home with fully integrated heating, lighting, security and audio visual as a fad. A well-designed and seamlessly integrated automation system, though, now has the potential to

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Freeview Play new tools
Freeview Play new tools

The Explore Freeview Play TV channel app has received a major update,  introducing new content discovery tools which bring new recommendation genres, and a new dedicated Box Sets area. The move is designed to offer viewers improved access to Freeview’s extensive on demand library. Explore Freeview Play is available on Channel 100 on Freeview Play TVs. Alongside over 80 live TV channels, the platform  is home to over 40,000 hours of on demand content and

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Apple TV and Paramount
Apple TV Paramount Streamers win big as viewers churn

US subscription streaming viewers are turning to Apple TV+ and Paramount+ as they service hop, according to new research from Ampere Analysis. Apple TV and Paramount streamers are now the most popular destinations for grazing goggleboxers. The definition of a Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) switcher is someone who moves from one subscription service to another contract within 60 days. 11 per cent chose Apple TV+ and Paramount+. Netflix was third according to the Ampere

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Onkyo, Pioneer and Integra
Onkyo Pioneer and Integra set for UK return, made by Sharp

Some of the UK’s most familiar Japanese AV brands are set for a return. Premium Audio Company, a subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation, has announced that Onkyo, Integra, and Pioneer will soon be available for order through its existing network of distribution and retail partners in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The first products will be available this autumn, details yet to be announced. In September 2021, Premium Audio Company, through its joint venture

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Sony's new OLED TVs
Sony’s new OLED TVs

Sony’s new OLED TVs, the XR Master Series A90K and XR A75K,  are available to pre-order in the UK and Europe, with the manufacturer confirming UK pricing. The 48- and 42-inch A90K (pictured above) sell for £1,899, and £1,799, and ship June 20 and July 11 respectively, while the 55- and 65-inch A75K are priced at £1,999 and £2,799, out June 15. The new OLED TVs pair Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR technology and XR OLED

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Denon new HiFi components
Denon new components

Denon has unveiled a trio of new Hi-Fi components at the Munich High End Show.The new 900 Series includes the first Denon HEOS built-in integrated amplifier in a standard size chassis, the PMA-900HNE alongside the matching DCD-900NE CD player with USB playback. With streaming convenience to the fore, the PMA-900HNE has Wi-Fi network connectivity, as well as AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, and multiroom audio capability. Denon new components also comes with the PMA-1700NE, a premium integrated

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Virgin 4K Stream TV Player
Virgin 4K Stream TV Player to Counter Sky Puck

Virgin Media has launched a new, non-contract IP 4K TV streaming service, appropriately named Stream, for users of its high-speed broadband service. The compact box supports 4k HDR10 and HLG, and offers TV channels, video apps and streaming subscriptions. It’s available from today. Designed primarily for voice control, the Virgin 4K stream allows users to chop and change their subscriptions on a monthly basis; all billing is handled by Virgin on a rolling 30 day

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