Personalising your Control4 system

Personalise your Control4 system

Control4 OS 3 has amazing features, a fresh interface, and more than a thousand enhancements to enable you to personalise your system.

Our “How Do I” videos will show you how to get the most out of your Control4 System.

Learn how to personalize your Smart Home with favorite rooms, devices, and scenes and organize them to your liking.

From sharing media, customizing wallpaper room backgrounds, and favoriting devices and media for easy access, there is a video to show you how to easily navigate and control your smart home effortlessly.

OS 3 is designed to remove complexity from your life by focusing on simple usability with one-touch access and control over your entire home. However, we know there can be a learning curve remembering everything that your Control4 System can do. Our “How do I” video series aims to help you learn how to use every function of your system on your own. We have quick video guides to get you going, from sharing media, to uploading backgrounds, to favoriting devices and media for easy access.

Watching a movie or turning on the news has never been easier with the all-new OS 3 TV on-screen menu. Designed to keep you focused on your entertainment, intuitively controlled with a handheld remote.

Favorites make it fast to get to your most-used lights or scenes, and also quickly start your favorite movie or music.

Personalise your Control4 system with sessions. Sessions shows you the music or video playing in any room throughout the home. Easily adjust the volume, add or remove rooms, or turn it all off.

Check out the videos here.

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