Samsung unveils new range

Samsung unveils new range

Samsung unveils its new range of TV’s, with a new Screens Everywhere, Screens For All mantra, and in the process introduced its first QD-OLED TV, alongside new Neo QLED 8k, and updated lifestyle models.

Eagerly anticipated, Samsung’s first QD-OLED, the S95B, utilises a Neural Quantum 4k processor, and comes with Object Tracking Sound and Q-Symphony audio with Dolby Atmos. Samsung describes the screen’s design as LaserSlim.

The S95 also features an OLED Brightness Booster (which we assume to be a heatsink, much like LG has on its G2 OLED model) and advanced colour mapping – ‘The new Samsung OLED goes beyond just panel technology for a screen experience well beyond what has been available from OLED TVs to date and offers yet another option for consumers’ says the brand. What it hasn’t said in any of its press material is that the screen uses a QD-OLED panel, which is certainlky bizarre from a marketing perspective.

The Samsung S95B will be available in 55- and 65-inch sizes from April.

8k also features highly in Samsung’s 2022 portfolio. There are three models in the 2022 8k line, the QN900, QN800 and QN700, and will be available in 55-, 65-, 75- and 85-inches screen sizes. These Mini LED Neo QLED 8k models feature an all-new Neural Quantum Processor 8k with AI, and boast an Infinity One design, with depth ranging from 15.2mm to 18.1mm. There finish is stainless-steel.

The flagship QN900B has a 90W 6.2.4-channel sound system, and offers a wireless Smart TV-to-Soundbar Dolby Atmos connection.

While there’s no commercial 8k content for these screens, owners of Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 can playback content captured in native 8k resolution. The Neural Quantum Processor 8k also upscales other resolutions to exploit the pixel density of the new models.

Samsung unveils the new range has enhanced performance with a new 14-bit processing and anti-reflective layer to reduce glare and distractions.

“Samsung aims to inspire people to tailor their tech to complement their passions, preferences and lifestyle, and today’s viewer is looking for that customised experience more than ever. This year, we are truly redefining the role of the TV in the home with more choices of groundbreaking screen technologies, features and designs” said Craig Cunningham, Head of TV/AV Product at Samsung Electronics Europe.

“Whether you want your screen to subtly blend into your home décor, immerse you in a stunning 8K cinematic experience, or provide multi-view options for the latest workout, there’s a Samsung screen for you.”

Source: InsideCI

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