Sky Glass Streaming Puck Solo Launch

Sky Confirms Sky Glass Streaming Puck Solo Launch

Fully IP delivered Sky TV, without the need for a Sky Glass screen, will be available later this year, with the launch of the Sky Glass Streaming Puck Solo launch, the broadcaster has confirmed.

Delivered via a Sky Stream puck over Wi-Fi, the service will join the Sky Glass streaming TV and Sky Q. The move gives Sky a significant new product to counter the rise of OTT services.

Currently, the streaming puck is sold as a multiroom option to Sky Glass customers, but unlike the Sky Mini used to multiroom Sky Q, it doesn’t require a parent Sky Glass unit to work. The devices are completely autonomous.

It’s expected that there will be no difference between the Sky Stream solo experience and Sky Glass. The platform offers a curated collection of linear channels, alongside extensive VoD options. The majority of channels offer a ‘Watch from Start’ option if you arrive mid-show. As with Sky Glass, there is no local storage in the device. Programmes are streamed from either a cloud PVR service, or via a dedicated channel player, like BBC iPlayer.

The Sky Stream puck also has a number of key subscription apps build-in, including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Apple TV.

The Sky Stream puck uses a largely voice driven interface, but does require a robust, fast internet connection to function, presenting an opportunity for integrators. Sky quotes a 25Mbps requirement for UHD services.

On launch the Sky Stream puck supports 4k UHD HDR 60fps, and Dolby Atmos audio. It has a single HDMI 2.1 output

Source: Inside CI

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