Sonos Update

Expect your Sonos system to ask you to do a software update soon as the a new update has just been released.

The update is easy to do just follow the onscreen instructions and it take just a few moments.

Some of the new features:

Tap to Play

Tap a song on your phone or tablet, it plays instantly. No need to select Play Now or Play Next. Controlling your Sonos from a computer? Double click to play.

Adding Songs

Adding songs to your Queue has changed slightly. Instead of directly tapping a song title to open up your listening options, touch the three dots (***) that now appear to the right of it. Then you can Play Now, Play Next, Add to End of Queue or … you decide!

Play All and Shuffle

These controls now appear at the top of the Album and Playlist screens. Tap Play All to enjoy the whole track list, start to finish. Tired of the same old, same old? Tap Shuffle All for a random mix up.

Some slightly late news but Control4 has partnered with Sonos in their first ever Endorsed Partner Integration Program. Expect further advancements in Control4 and Sonos integration in the near future.