Virgin announce UHD capable device

VirginMedia has formally announced its Next Gen TiVo set top box, the V6. It supports 4K UHD, along with streaming to mobile devices.

UHD support translates to Netflix 4K and YouTube 4K apps at launch, rather than any Virgin content. The box is also said to be HDR capable, as and when required, and compatible with Dolby Atmos.

No mention of when Virgin will have its own 4K movie availability or UHD channel content.

Details so far is that this is online only (no cable connection) as it’s only supplied It’s only supplied to customers with a 100MB+ Internet package.

The box can record six programmes while watching a seventh. There’s a 1TB hard drive onboard. The new SeriesLink+ will not only record shows specifically requested, but will also find additional episodes available on other sources, such as a VOD player, and present links to them in your recordings library.

There are no Sky Q-style Mini-style clients available for multiroom streaming. Odd given that ‘fluid viewing’ was the lynchpin of Sky’s Sky Q launch proposal.

Virgin is also starting a digital retail offering, the Virgin Media Store, selling movies and box sets. Aping Sky’s own Sky Store, buyers have access to titles in a ‘Digital Locker’ and receive a DVD of any film bought.

Existing Virgin TV customers can get the new V6 for a promotional price of £49.95. The standard price is £99.95. Installation charges are extra.